Paypal alternatives

If you are an online casino player or new to the world of online casinos, you may have found a variety of payment options open to you, regardless of whether you are a US player or a non-US player. However, not all payment options are equal, especially in the US. The use of credit cards to fund an online casino account has become somewhat of a problem as most US banks will not honor payments to online casinos. In addition, players from the US cannot use PayPal as a deposit method, even though it is widely accepted at non-US casinos. If you have tried to use credit cards or PayPal to fund your casino account, the good news is that there are credit card and PayPal alternatives available to both US and non-US players.

Prepaid Gift Cards for US Players

Many online casinos have acknowledged the problems facing US players as it pertains to funding their accounts with credit cards. As a result, all Vegas Technology Casino have implemented a USA friendly payment option called the prepaid gift cards. This has been a huge success among US players, and it affords them to fund their accounts easily, securely, safely, and without worry. Moreover, when you use the prepaid gift card as a deposit option, you will be rewarded with a bonus up to $600 on the first deposit, and a 10% bonus on all future deposits up to a total of $1000.

eWalletXpress is a USA Friendly Payment Option

eWalletXpress casinos accept US players, and offer safe and secure transactions due to its latest technology and encrypted data. eWalletXpress is legal in the US and affords players the opportunity to deposit and withdraw funds to their account without any problems. Just open an account at eWalletXpress, and transfer funds to your ewallet account through a bank account or credit card.

UseMyWallet for US Players

A third-party payment option, UseMyWallet is available to US players who join a US casino and request an invitation to fund their account using this method. This payment method is very user friendly and you can fund your UseMyWallet account via Western Union, MoneyGram, or credit cards.

QuickCash Payment Option for US Players

Using Western Union as the third party, US players can fund their casino accounts where QuickCash is an accepted method of payment. Again, this is very user friendly and affords US players a viable alternative to fund online casino accounts using the QuickCash software.

Third Party Options for US Players Using Credit Cards

While using credit cards directly to fund your casino account is fraught with unnecessary problems, using the eWalletXpress, UseMyWallet, QuickCash, and Prepaid Gift Cards are all considered third party options with which you can still use a credit card, but in an indirect manner. Using MasterCard prepaid cards and Visa prepaid cards allows you to fund your casino account through the above mentioned third-party accounts conveniently, safely, and securely. One other point should be made and that is although there are some poker sites that accept PayPal, you will be paying higher fees than if you used third-party e-wallet accounts.