Virtual master card prepaid

Virtual prepaid cards come in two forms: Visa and MasterCard. They are used mainly for online purchases and, in most cases today, to fund online casino accounts. The virtual MasterCard prepaid card is one such card that is widely used by online players.

  • Wirex Card
  • SpectroCoin Card

What is a virtual prepaid card?

A virtual prepaid card is non-reloadable card that works like a real credit card. It can be used for online shopping and purchases at websites, online merchants, internet shops, and online casinos.

How Do I Apply for a Virtual MasterCard Prepaid Card?

Depending upon the company offering the virtual MasterCard prepaid card, you can easily apply online. You can load the card via PayPal, WebMoney, or through your bank account in increments of $5, $10, $20, $25, $50, $100, $200, $300, $400, $500, $1000, and $2000.

How Do I Receive My Virtual MasterCard Prepaid Card?

Since a virtual card, by its very nature, means it is not a physical card; you will be given your account number via email, along with the Customer Verification Number (normally located on the back of a physical card), as well as the expiration date.

What Are the Advantages in Applying for a MasterCard Prepaid Card?

As an online casino player, the main advantage in using a virtual MasterCard prepaid card is that you do not have to use your existing credits at major online casinos. As you know, many casinos accept prepaid cards that are linked to an account where you originally purchased the virtual card. For example, players can use the Net+Prepaid MasterCard which is issued by Neteller. Neteller is one of the largest online payment methods accepted at most casinos. So if you wanted to fund your account using the virtual MasterCard, the funds from your Neteller account can easily be transferred to your virtual card.

Is There a Virtual MasterCard Prepaid Card I Can Use at US Online Casinos?

Yes. In fact, there are two: NetSpend and WiredPlastic. Both are virtual prepaid MasterCards that US players can apply for online and use to fund their online casino accounts. They are designed to add a level of security and convenience for cardholders.

What US Friendly Casinos Accept the Virtual MasterCard Prepaid Card?

Liberty Slots Casino and Lincoln Casino both accept the virtual MasterCard prepaid cards. When you join Liberty Slots and deposit funds into your casino account using the virtual MasterCard prepaid card, you will not only receive a 100% match bonus up to $600 on the first deposit, but will accrue an additional 10% bonus on all subsequent deposits made with the virtual card. In addition, registering with Liberty Slots Casino is also accompanied by a welcome bonus of $12,500!

Likewise, when you join Lincoln Slots Casino and use the virtual MasterCard prepaid card to make your first deposit, you will also receive a 100% bonus on your initial deposit using a prepaid card up to $600, and a 10% bonus on all additional deposits using a prepaid card. The welcome bonus offered when you join Lincoln Slots Casino is $777!

At a time when credit card use has been fraught with problems for online players, knowing that there are alternative payment methods such as the virtual MasterCard prepaid card makes the entire process an easy, safe, secure, and enjoyable one.