NetSpend and WiredPlastic

While there are many virtual prepaid cards available to non-US online casino players, there are two virtual cards that can be used by US players to fund their casino accounts: NetSpend and Wired Plastic.


The NetSpend Virtual card was just introduced in September of last year, and has made a significant difference for US online players who prefer an alternative method to fund their casino accounts. The NetSpend virtual card can be viewed as an additional card available to current cardholders through the NetSpend's online account site. The virtual card can be created or deleted on demand; it can be accessed or created via mobile phone; and can be transaction not requiring a real card. The NetSpend card is actually coexists with a prepaid debit card account, but you will still receive the 16-digit account number in your name as well as the 3-digit security number required for all cards. You can fund the virtual NetSpend card through direct deposit, checking and savings accounts, and PayPal. You can also add cash to this card at retail locations offering this service.


WiredPlastic is the second Virtual MasterCard Prepaid card that US players can utilize to fund their casino accounts. It can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted. To apply for a WiredPlastic Virtual Prepaid MasterCard, simply log onto WiredPlastic and register for the Virtual Prepaid MasterCard. If you do not have an account with WiredPlastic, you can fill out the online form and apply, then proceed to apply for the virtual card. Once approved, you will receive a 16-digit account number along with the 3-digit Customer Verification Number. You can load the virtual card through PayPal, bank transfers, retail locations, Western Union, and direct deposit.

For US online players looking for alternative methods to fund their casino accounts, NetSpend is a fantastic way to safely, securely, and easily make online transactions without any hassle.