New Mango Pre-Paid MasterCard

The new Mango pre paid MasterCard is a card that helps you manage your money, it means you never have to carry cash and it is extremely safe and secure to use. It gives you all the convenience of having a credit card but unlike a regular credit card you don't get those unexpected bills and charges as you can only spend the amount you load up the card with, helping you stay in control of your cash flow. You can use your Mango card anywhere you see the MasterCard sign, be that in retail outlets, ATMs' or anywhere online, and you can track and manage your spending via the Mango website. Should you prefer to use your card for online purposes only, such as shopping, or playing online games such as poker you may choose the virtual Mango card, which means that you don't have the plastic and all your transactions are tracked online. It's the same as having the actual card, you get a MasterCard number, security code and it functions in the exact same way as the regular pre paid card.

Mango Mobile!

Mango makes it even easier for you to keep up to date with your finances by offering a mobile application to download to you smartphone. The Mango Money iPhone application allows you to check your funds from wherever you are, the app is totally free and allows you to pay your bills while you are out and about. You can send and receive money from it and it's all as easy as sending a text message. There is also fraud protection, should your phone be lost or stolen. Mango Mobile is just another great reason to sign up and get your Mango account funded today.

How do I sign Up?

This is the really simple part. Visit the Mango Money website, click on the sign up button, enter your personal details and you are away. Remember that as it is pre paid there are no credit checks meaning that you will receive the card in a matter of days. As soon as your account is ready you will find that there are several ways to fund it. You may transfer from your bank account, use Paypal, make a Direct Deposit or even use good old fashioned cash at one of the many outlets available. As this is a MasterCard it is ready to use online as soon as the deposit to the card has been received and it is becoming a very popular method of depositing into many online poker rooms worldwide. It's simple and hassle free and once again, very secure.