United States Citizens can purchase MoneyPak cards at thousands of stores across the United States, this includes some of the major retailers for instance Walmart, the CVS/pharmacy, well known Kmart, Meijer, the Rite Aid, Kruger and many others, its secure safe and ideal as a gift card, or use it to pay into your PayPal account without having to use a credit card, or have a bank account, at the same time you can make some same-day payment to many major companies. It's flexible secure and just perfect for your needs.l

The ideal cash top up card

The principal of the card it is a 'cash top up card'. The card carries a once off payment of $4.95 fee, then you load it with cash at a prepaid product station or where you see a Green Dot display. When you hand over your cash to the cashier she/he will the load the cash into your MoneyPak card then you are ready to go.

Using the MoneyPak card to put funds into your PayPal account is ideal as you don't need to use a credit card or bank account to top it up, in addition you save on bank fees and credit card fees. PayPal is accepted at so many online stores, its safe secure and so easy to use. Want to buy on e-bay then use your MoneyPak card to fund PayPal and then you will be able to buy and sell on ebay.

A highly respected institution

The Green Dot Corporation is a well known and trusted name in the financial world. PayPal has teamed up with MoneyPak to be able to fund your PayPal account without a bank account.

Want to play casino games, then you just use your PayPal account to fund you account at the casino. Not all casinos accept PayPal so do a search before signing on at a casino, but now you don't need a bank account to play at certain casinos, head to your nearest retail store that has a Green Dot Corporation logo, fund your MoneyPak card, then use the card to fill up your PayPal account without any bank fees.

Its secure, safe and you don't have to reveal any personal information, banking details, therefore, by paying cash your money is secure in your MoneyPak account, you can also use it an many stores and institutions that will accept MoneyPak payments, your Green dot Corporation will have a list of all the stores you can use your MoneyPak card plus you have the added opportunity to pay by PayPal as well.