Global Prepaid Cards

Accepted at over 29 million locations, Intercash is one of the leading global prepaid cards issued by Banque Invik and licensed by MasterCard International. Intercash is a leading provider of global electronic payment solutions and online transaction services, specializing in the prepaid card industry.

InterCash Prepaid Cards

A cardholder can use the Intercash prepaid card in exactly the same way as a debit card to purchase products and services both online and offline. The Intercash MasterCard brand can be used to withdraw cash at an ATM, make a website transaction, or make purchases at more than 29 million locations around the world.

Intercash Virtual Prepaid Card

Intercash developed a virtual prepaid card for use online as a secure online payment method. The virtual card is a computer-generated card with a BIN number, which is generated randomly and valid for one transaction only, making it very secure.

Intercash Gaming Payout Card

Intercash has also created a gaming payout card which enables gamers to access their winnings immediately either online or by withdrawing cash at an ATM.